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How investment in fundamental scientific research leads to practical outcomes

The societal benefits of funding applied scientific research – research which addresses a question that is immediately and directly relevant to an end user such as a farmer or policy maker – are clear. It is nearly always relatively straightforward to identify practical outcomes that emerge from such projects, making them highly attractive to funding bodies and industrial collaborations, particularly at a time of financial constraint. However, these applied outcomes frequently rely upon and develop previous fundamental research programmes for which practical outcomes were not immediately or obviously apparent at the time. This article describes how Scottish Government (SG) investment in a number of fundamental scientific areas at Main Research Providers (MRP), through the Strategic Research Programme has underpinned research which is now yielding practical outcomes that are making a difference in Scotland and beyond.

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Published on 8 March 2016 in Food, health and wellbeing

Recent Briefings

Barriers to the Uptake of Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) for Genetic Selection & Improvement in the Scottish Sheep Sector

Scotland has a reputation for excellence in research into livestock genetics. Genetic improvement using Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) is a recognised method of enhancing productivity, profitability, and competitiveness. Read more

Published on 13 August 2013 in Sustainability and Communities , Food, health and wellbeing

Roots for Sustainability

An understanding of the interactions between roots and the soil is fundamental to food security, human nutrition and environmental sustainability. Read more

Published on 30 July 2013 in Sustainability and Communities , Climate, water and energy , Food, health and wellbeing

Conservation and Sustainable Use of Our Farm Animal Genetic Resources

This briefing focuses on a recent report on the status of the UK . Read more

Published on 1 July 2013 in Ecosystems and biodiversity

Ovine Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma - A Major Animal Health Concern for Scottish Sheep Farming

Ovine Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma (OPA) , an infectious lung cancer in sheep, has a major economic on farming. Read more

Published on 26 June 2013 in Sustainability and Communities , Climate, water and energy , Ecosystems and biodiversity , Food, health and wellbeing

Climate Change and Animal Welfare: The Good and the Bad

In recent years, the impact of climate change on our environment has become the subject of much debate. Read more

Published on 2 May 2013 in Climate, water and energy

Does Food Structure Affect Satiety?

Today we are presented with an ever increasing choice of foods to satisfy our hunger. The choice is not only what we eat but also in the form it is presented for consumption; as a solid or as a liquid. Read more

Published on 26 March 2013 in Food, health and wellbeing

Assessing Consumer Responses to Sustainable Plant-based Proteins: Identifying Barriers to Change

In spite of the increasing attention being paid to issues of food security and sustainability we do not fully understand how consumers will respond to the challenges of incorporating more sustainable but less familiar protein sources into their diet. Read more

Published on 8 March 2013 in Food, health and wellbeing

Renewable Energy and Water Resource Inter-relations

Scotland is committed to achieving substantial increases in the proportion of energy from renewable sources. Read more

Published on 7 March 2013 in Climate, water and energy

Vibrant Rural Communities

Vibrant Rural Communities is a research programme that has been commissioned by the Scottish Government, as part of a larger programme of work. Read more

Published on 13 February 2013 in Sustainability and Communities

Developing Foods for Enhanced Satiety - Understanding Food-Gut-Brain Interactions

Currently, dietary rather than pharmacological approaches are being sought to prevent weight gain, aid weight loss and maintain a lower and healthy weight. Read more

Published on 11 February 2013 in Food, health and wellbeing

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