ENLIGHTENMENT Exhibition Applauded

There has been an overwhelming positive reaction to the ENLIGHTENMENT exhibition, which launched at the dovecot studios in Edinburgh on Monday 8 March. People have been genuinely taken by surprise at the diversity, creativity and sheer beauty of the images within the exhibition, inspired by the world class scientific research being conducted within the Scottish Research Institutes forming the knowledgescotland partnership. This was an authentic partnership between the Arts and Science evocative of the ENLIGHTENMENT period in history.

Over 150 guests attended the launch party at the Dovecot Studios including government officials, scientists, artists, teachers, writers, poets and school children. The atmosphere contained a real buzz of excitement as people discussed the images and the science stories that inspired them. The dovecot gallery was the perfect setting for the exhibition which allowed the display of very large scale photographs, highlighting the colours, textures and the multilayered themes within the images.

Photographer David McIntyre with Professor Maggie Gill and Dr Lee Innes

There were two short presentations by Elisabeth Innes, Communications Director at Moredun Research Institute and David McIntyre, the photographer to give some background to the exhibition and to discuss the creative process behind some of the images.

The exhibition will run at the dovecot until 27th March and is then moving to the John Hope Gateway Centre at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh from 3rd April until the 9th May before moving on to other venues across Scotland. Click here for further information about the exhibition


 " Right on target, in the interspace between Art and Science in the spirit of the Enlightenment" Richard Demarco CBE
" A wonderful dialogue between the aesthetic, the scientific and the unexpected. Congratulations." John Hume RCAHMS
“This exhibition provides a thought-provoking  and visually-attractive take on the research done by scientists across Scotland, carefully avoiding the literal portrayal of science fact, and helping to engage the public with their work.” Colin Robertson, NEXXUS Scotland
" Well done! More diverse stylistically than I ever would have imagined" Craig Wood, London
" I am really impressed with the engagement with the ideas and with the range of imagary, the sheer quality! Well done." Chris McIntyre, Dean of Cultural Affairs, University of Hertfordshire
" Thank you, such a privilege to share the beauty of the Enlightenment" Sylvia Dick, Poet
“ Absolutely wonderful, I would like to commission this to take to Prague” Dr Paul Millar, Czech Consulate
“ Really excellent, a lasting testimony to the world of the Scottish Institutes” George Marshall, Vice Principal SAC
“ Fantastic, loved the creativity” Lou Kiddier, Greenroom films.
“This exhibition allows people with a non scientific background to understand and appreciate the importance of science to our everyday lives...when is it coming to Aberdeen?” Dorothy Sim, Aberdeen.
“ I liked the way you were not sure what the image was all about and then when you read the caption you would look at the image again and see something else” Poppy Mulligan (14) , George Heriots School
Other comments:
“So different: a new and refreshing way to bring our science to new audience”
“Very unusual exhibition, wide range of subjects with something for everyone and technically brilliant”
“Stunning, pictorial storytelling, really enjoying it”
“Real evidence of collaboration and very eye catching. I like the way the captions are available but are not overwhelming”
“This Arts Science collaboration has resulted in a rich balance of abstract and landscape with a real sense of the engagement with science underpinning it all. Truly impressive”. 


Published on 23 March 2010 in Sustainability and Communities , Climate, water and energy , Ecosystems and biodiversity , Food, health and wellbeing