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Future Land Use Change - Working locally, thinking globally

This research briefing summarises the main findings from research done in two Local Focus Areas (Ballater and Huntly) as part of the Aberdeenshire Land Use Strategy Pilot. These findings have been used by Aberdeenshire Council to provide their overall lessons learnt regarding the pilot to Scottish Government. In turn, the Scottish Government has used the results from the Aberdeenshire and Borders Pilots to help develop the Land Use Strategy 2016-2021. In addition to the named authors, Carol Kyle, Rachel Creaney, Andrea Baggio, Laura Poggio and Marie Castellazzi are also co-authors of this briefing.

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Published on 25 February 2016 in Sustainability and Communities , Ecosystems and biodiversity

Recent Briefings in Sustainability and Communities

Parasites And Climate Change - Implications For Scottish livestock?

Research into how climate change could be affecting the epidemiology of liver fluke and other parasitic worms in livestock. Read more

Published on 15 May 2009 in Sustainability and Communities , Climate, water and energy , Food, health and wellbeing

Livestock Vaccines: Safeguarding Health and Sustainability

Vaccine technology developed by research scientists at the Moredun Research Institute in Edinburgh is helping Scottish producers maximise the productivity and profitability of their farmed livestock, whilst at the same time farm sustainably and without degrading natural resources. Read more

Published on 21 April 2009 in Sustainability and Communities , Food, health and wellbeing

Supporting Sustainability By Relocalising Food And Drink Systems

Part of the SUS-CHAIN project, this research presents findings from around the European Union which can be used to outline some of the key elements of successful sustainable local food chain developments. Read more

Published on 16 April 2009 in Sustainability and Communities

Infectious Causes Of Reproductive Failure In Livestock

Research ultimately leading to the development of new safe and effective vaccines for neosporosis and ovine enzootic abortion in sheep. Read more

Published on 23 March 2009 in Sustainability and Communities , Food, health and wellbeing

Malting Barley Production In A Challenging Policy Environment

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Published on 17 March 2009 in Sustainability and Communities

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