Latest Briefing in Ecosystems and biodiversity for 2016

Photo (c) James Davidson

Future Land Use Change - Working locally, thinking globally

This research briefing summarises the main findings from research done in two Local Focus Areas (Ballater and Huntly) as part of the Aberdeenshire Land Use Strategy Pilot. These findings have been used by Aberdeenshire Council to provide their overall lessons learnt regarding the pilot to Scottish Government. In turn, the Scottish Government has used the results from the Aberdeenshire and Borders Pilots to help develop the Land Use Strategy 2016-2021. In addition to the named authors, Carol Kyle, Rachel Creaney, Andrea Baggio, Laura Poggio and Marie Castellazzi are also co-authors of this briefing.

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Published on 25 February 2016 in Sustainability and Communities , Ecosystems and biodiversity

Briefings in Ecosystems and biodiversity for 2016

Identifying ecosystem services provided by freshwater insects

Biodiversity conservation is increasingly framed within the ecosystem services concept. Consideration of insect-related ecosystem services has largely focussed on terrestrial taxa while those inhabiting freshwater have been neglected. Read more

Published on 8 February 2016 in Ecosystems and biodiversity