Latest News for 2009

Celebrating World Soils Day: Institute Announces Completion Of National Soil Sampling Project

Results of a national inventory of Scotland's soils will provide scientists with invaluable evidence on climate change. Read more

Published on 04 December 2009 in Climate, water and energy

News Articles for 2009

Recent Storm Puts Equipment To The Test

Recent dramatic rainfall events were recorded by the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute's environmental monitoring site at Sourhope. Read more

Published on 13 August 2009 in Climate, water and energy

SAC Researcher Presents Climate Change Report Findings

Findings of a report, 'Climate Change and Agriculture: Impacts, Adaptation, Mitigation and Options', commissioned by OECD. Read more

Published on 24 July 2009 in Climate, water and energy

A Century Of Changes In The Scottish Landscape

Communities in rural Scotland often resist proposals for developments which involve major changes to familiar landscapes, for example those associated with windfarm developments, however they are less concerned about gradual or incremental changes in familiar landscapes which, through time, can be even more significant. Read more

Published on 07 July 2009 in Sustainability and Communities, Climate, water and energy

Folic Acid, Food And Human Health: Measuring Blood Folate Status In The UK Population

Folates, a family of water-soluble B vitamins found in green leafy vegetables, cereals and certain fruits, play a crucial role in the development of human adult diseases including cancer, heart disease and dementia. Read more

Published on 23 June 2009 in Food, health and wellbeing

Second Policy Open House Event A Hit With SEPA

Knowledgescotland's second Open House event was held at SEPA's headquarters in a very sunny Stirling on 29th May. Read more

Published on 04 June 2009

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Rainforests

Scientists from the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute are travelling to Indonesia next week (25th May 2009) to take part in the first meeting of a group investigating carbon emissions from tropical rainforests. Read more

Published on 22 May 2009 Climate, water and energy

knowledgescotland Work Shadowing Scheme

A new Work Shadowing Scheme, managed by the Moredun Research Institute. Up to ten scientists will spend a week in late August/early September 2009 shadowing officials in the Scottish Government. Read more

Published on 14 April 2009 Sustainability and Communities , Climate, water and energy , Ecosystems and biodiversity , Food, health and wellbeing

knowledgescotland Headlines At Knowledge Transfer Scotland: Policy And Practice Conference 2009

Increasing awareness of the knowledgescotland initiative . Read more

Published on 09 April 2009

First knowledgescotland Open House Event A Great Success

The first of knowledgescotland's Open House events was held at Great Glen House in Inverness on the 25th March. Read more

Published on 27 March 2009

SAC Researchers At The International Conference On Climate Change

SAC researchers present two papers at the International Conference on Climate Change . Read more

Published on 19 March 2009 Climate, water and energy

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