Success Stories

The Scottish Government invests over £50M annually in a portfolio of strategic RAE Science and Research – principally through its main research providers (MRPs). Their innovations have been shown by independent studies to contribute to the economy and build businesses with the potential to drive future growth. Success Stories brings to life specific examples of how the organisations in knowledgescotland use Scottish Government support to bring economic, environmental, social and health benefits to Scotland and beyond.

Richard Lochhead Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment said: “Innovation is crucial to ensure Scotland’s vital food and agriculture sectors continue to flourish. The success stories highlighted today demonstrate the strength and breadth of the world class research being carried out in Scotland. However, the projects also have a practical application which will deliver benefits throughout the food supply chain and boost these important sectors of Scotland’s economy.”

Ecosystems and biodiversity

Highland farming landscape

High Nature Value Farming

More traditional farming systems, those that have a large amount of moorland mixed with areas of grassland and woodland, still make up 30% of Europe Read more

Published on 4 February 2013 in Ecosystems and biodiversity

Soil aggregates

Strategies for super soils

Research by SAC into how soil structural quality is influenced by crop type, machinery and animals has led to the adoption of improved management of crops and livestock. Read more

Published on 20 June 2011 in Ecosystems and biodiversity