More scientists to benefit from the highly successful Work Shadowing Scheme

This year’ s Workshadowing Scheme, which will take place in January 2011,  aims to improve the scientists’ understanding of policy making and development and help to build closer links between the scientists and policy makers themselves. It is hoped this round of shadowing will be equally successful with scientists shadowing colleagues in the following Divisions of Scottish Government:

  • Animal Health and Welfare
  • Agricultural and Rural Development
  • Food and Drink Industry
  • Natural Resources
  • Environmental Quality
  • Rural Communities

And in:

  • Food Standards Agency
  • Marine Scotland
  • Science Advice for Scottish Agriculture
  • Procurement, Innovation and Knowledge Exchange - RPID

They will also spend a day developing a better understanding of how the Scottish Parliament works through attendance at a meeting of the Rural and Environment Committee and at a Chamber Debate.

In addition, they will meet with researchers at the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPiCe).

For further information on the Scheme, please see the Evaluation Report or contact Dr Lee Innes

Published on 14 January 2011 in Sustainability and Communities , Climate, water and energy , Ecosystems and biodiversity , Food, health and wellbeing