Fuel Prices Briefing

With as much as 4p per litre added to the price of petrol and diesel in January and another increase expected this Spring, rising fuel prices have been making the headlines recently.

In response to growing concern about the issue, the latest Rural Policy Centre (RPC) 'Hot Topic' Briefing explores the impact of increasing fuel costs which, against a backdrop of rising food prices and public sector job cuts, are of particular concern in rural Scotland.

The RPC has worked with the Scotland National Rural Network to disseminate the new Briefing via its website.

The RPC's Dr Jane Atterton said, "Clearly, any additional rise in fuel prices will have a significant impact on rural businesses and communities, which are already under pressure due to a range of other factors. Many feel that it is up to the politicians to take action but there is currently uncertainty surrounding if or how the UK and Scottish Governments will act and whether there will be a particular response to the problems faced by those in rural areas. This prompted our new briefing, which looks closely at the issue of rising fuel prices and the policy situation surrounding it.”

The RPC now wants to hear others' views about how those in power should act to alleviate the growing pressure placed on rural communities by the rising cost of fuel.

Anyone with an interest in the fuel issue, or any topic relating to rural Scotland, is invited to contact Jane Atterton with their ideas and comments or post a comment on the Fuel Briefing web page.

Published on 28 March 2011 in Sustainability and Communities , Climate, water and energy