Farmers' views on water protection requested

Farmers and land managers in the River Dee area are invited to attend a free event exploring the obstacles facing those who wish to take actions to help the water environment.

Organised by researchers at the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, in conjunction with the Dee Catchment Partnership, the event aims to identify the issues that influence whether or not actions recommended for protecting and improving water quality are implemented.

Kerry Waylen, workshop organiser, said, “Within the River Dee, many activities have been recommended as helpful for protecting and improving water quality, for example to reduce pollution or remove barriers to fish, that have not been implemented on the ground. The aim of the workshop is to identify the factors that can hinder or deter actions aimed at helping the water environment. As well as shaping our research, the issues raised by participants in the workshop will be passed back to national and EU policy-makers.”

The event will also provide an opportunity for discussion on progress made in safeguarding the River Dee’s status, funding sources and the pressures the River Dee catchment is likely to face in the future.

The meeting is free to attend and will be held on 16th November at the Douglas Arms Hotel, Banchory. For more information and to register for the event please call Jill Dunglinson on 01224 395000 or visit

Complementary soup and sandwiches will be available from 6.00pm.  The workshop starts at 6.30pm.


Any media wishing to attend the event should contact Clare Neely on 01224 395087 or email

Information for Editors

The REFRESH project

Creating the scientific understanding that enables measures to protect aquatic and riparian ecosystems to be implemented successfully is the main focus of the REFRESH project.

It is concerned with the development of a system that will enable water managers to design cost-effective restoration programmes for freshwater ecosystems at the local and larger catchment scales, that account for the expected future impacts of climate change and land-use change, in the context of relevant policies such as the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and the Habitats Directive.

The Dee Catchment Partnership

The Dee Catchment Partnership is a voluntary association or organisations involved with the Dee catchment’s water environment. The Partnership aims to ensure that the waters of the River Dee catchment are cared for for current and future generations to enjoy. Work is being undertaken to sustain and enhance the River Dee, its tributary burns and standing waters, as well as the habitats and species associated with these waters.

The Macaulay Land Use Research Institute

The Macaulay Land Use Research Institute was founded in 1930 and is an international centre for research and consultancy on the environmental and social consequences of rural land uses. With an annual income from research and consultancy of over £14m, the Institute is the largest interdisciplinary research organisation of its kind in Europe, and aims to provide evidence to help shape future environmental and rural-development policy on a national and international basis.

Published on 05 November 2010 in Climate, water and energy , Food, health and wellbeing