Users Speak Up

Grateful thanks are due to everyone who responded to our 2009 user survey for

The 5-week survey of subscribers and other users of has provided some really useful guidance on evolving the form and function of the website.  Respondents valued the site as a useful method to find out about the policy interests of others and make the necessary connections. 

The site content was generally considered relevant to users but as always more detail was sometimes useful but for others the big picture was required.  While users navigated their way around briefs, events and news items not everyone was aware how the search facilities on the site can be used to best effect.  We will be revising the look and function of the site to help improve ‘ease of use’.

Beyond the site itself, we gained an appreciation of your knowledge of the events and activities that we piloted in 2009, helping science-policy interactions grow.  In addition, helpful suggestions and supportive comments can now be converted by partners into plans and activities for 2010.  As always, there is no need to wait until a survey comes round to share your comments or questions with us.   An email to will always receive attention.

Published on 25 January 2010