Forest Research And SNIFFER Join knowledgescotland

The main research providers of knowledgescotland welcome two new associate members with Forest Research and SNIFFER (Scotland and Northern Ireland Forum for Environrmental Research).

Both our associates will bring new research messages to our policy briefs.  In addition, their contributions will support knowledgescotland's activities to assist policymakers develop improved knowledge and understanding in the food, health, environment and rural sectors.

Forest Research aims to provide research services relevant to the UK and international forestry interests and inform and support forestry's contribution to UK governmental policies.  Forest Research's core roles are to provide the evidence base for UK forestry practices and to support innovation.

Ruth Wolstenholme, SNIFFER's Managing Director, said, "SNIFFER works at the practical interface between policy and knowledge communities and values the potential benefits that working within knowledgescotland will bring." 

SNIFFER is a charitable company which aims to increase knowledge to help protect our environment and improve quality of life.  Activities are targeted towards policymakers and implementers as well as other organisations with whom they work in partnership.

For more information, access their websites: Forest Research and SNIFFER

Published on 23 November 2009 in Sustainability and Communities , Climate, water and energy , Ecosystems and biodiversity