Is All Nature Good For You?

Researchers at the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute are seeking volunteers to help them assess how people interact with nature.

As part of work for the Behaviour for Well-being, Environment and Life network, scientists aim to study the thoughts people have about the environment and nature, and how these opinions relate to overall well-being.

How people interact with nature, and what relationships, if any, these interactions have with other environmental behaviours is a growing research area at the Aberdeen-based Institute. Dr Tony Craig, an environmental psychologist, is currently carrying out research focussing on the relationship between natural environments and psychological restoration. Dr Craig says, "We aim to shed some light on the mechanisms underlying the intuitive connection between nature and psychological well-being."

Work is also being carried out to assess differing views of nature and how nature should be managed, and the contribution of 'green spaces’ to human health and well-being. "A better understanding of what our natural environment means to different people can help policymakers to improve their approaches to management," he continues.

An on-line survey has been created to collect information on attitudes and behaviour in relation to the environment and nature. To take part in the study, please visit the MLURI website.

Published on 14 June 2010 in Ecosystems and biodiversity , Food, health and wellbeing