Moredun Leads £4.17 M Award To Translate Innovative Research Into Commercial Success

Moredun Research Institute is leading two projects funded from the Government's Public Sector Research Exploitation (PSRE) initiative.

The first project involves Genecom Ltd, MRI, the Institute for Animal Health at Compton and the Scottish Crop Research Institute (SCRI). This programme will facilitate the commercialisation of science and encourage entrepreneurship among scientists by acting as an interface between them and commercial organisations.

In addition, the Genomia Fund will permit pump-priming funds to enable the transfer of technologies being developed by members (MRI, Institute of Animal Health, Forest Research, MLURI, Roslin Institute, Royal Botanic Gardens, RINH, SAC, SCRI and the Scottish Association for Marine Science.
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Published on 30 January 2009 in Sustainability and Communities