Science Snacks: Bite-Sized Science With Food

Science Snacks’ is an innovative way of engaging families in discussions about food, health and science.  It was launched on March 14th at a Science Discovery Day at Aberdeen’s Satrosphere science centre as part of National Science and Engineering Week.  Science Snacks has been co-developed by the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health, University of Aberdeen, with Live Wire Productions Ltd, an Aberdeen-based theatre-in-education company. ‘Science Snacks’ features a customised hostess trolley, filled to the brim with activities and experiments all based around food. 

Sue Bird from the Rowett Institute said: “Science Snacks builds on our previous ‘Yummy Science' and ‘Eating Smart’ projects and is the ultimate in flexible and fun science engagement.  We have been working with Live Wire productions for over six years, and all our projects build on our previous experiences.  Live Wire provide invaluable help and advice on presentation and engagement, and the proof is in the accompanying pictures, featuring Sarah Chew in costume as the children’s entertainer, and Sue Bird as the caterer.  We really enjoy talking with the children about food and nutrition, and about science in general.”

Science Snacks will be at Edinburgh International Science Festival on Saturday 11th April at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, and will be part of a plenary presentation at the British Science Association’s Science Communication Conference in London in June.

For more information contact Sue Bird: sue.bird@abdn.ac.uk, 01224 716668.


Published on 16 March 2009 in Food, health and wellbeing