Scottish Government And The Food Standards Agency Scotland Welcome

Mr Richard Lochhead, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Environment, commented:

“Our science research initiative play a vital role in helping the Scottish Government to achieve its strategic objectives. The world-class research they collectively provide is helping to tackle major challenges including climate change, diet, health and treatment for animal disease.

“This exciting new initiative will help deliver key outputs from the scientific community to policymakers in Scotland and beyond. I am particularly pleased that the needs of policymakers for accessible and readily understood information has been recognised and that this will be the initiative’s focus.”

Dr George Paterson, Director, Food Standards Agency Scotland commented:

"As an evidence-based organisation, the Food Standards Agency Scotland welcomes this new initiative. This new and useful information will assist in the development of new policies aimed at improving food safety and standards to protect the health of the Scottish population."

Published on 10 February 2009